Design services

Our company can offer you the best quality of automation systems which are designed keeping in mind the needs of modern time. Our equipments have user friendly technology and can be operated from anywhere. We use provide easy to use latest technological equipments which all of your family members can operate easily. Our automation devices can be operated through simple devices like touch keypads, smart phones, tablets and/or remotes. Our automation system is available with wires or wireless option and can be installed easily in both new as well as old structured house.

We will provide a full length of designing services which include the following:

Structured Wiring

Wiring is one thing which becomes headache at the time of devices installation. Thus we bring to our customer proper and hassle free structured wiring. We offer wide range of wiring services like structured wiring for multi-zone technologies. We also offer pre-wiring installation services for a new or remodeled home and up gradation services for your home. Pre-wiring is most important aspect of pre-wiring services as it is highly important for good quality of audio/visual and network performance. We follow a proper code of conduct in wiring installation and use best quality of wires and cables for installation purposes to ensure best quality of performance.

Pre-wiring is the best method by which you can be sure of good maintenance of your house. Moreover normal cable wiring is very difficult to maintain and at times also creates lot of problem. Thus, pre-wiring is the best option for a modern day house and our expert technician will do it in short span of time, so that you don't have to wait too long. We will install system and attach them to each subsystem of your home to make it a one fully automated system.

We also offer structured wiring system of home electronics like P.C. and Cable Connection. Our other services include Hiding wires and interlinking of audio system as we know that uncovered wiring can be really dangerous as it can cause a big trouble. We work for customer satisfaction, thus we firstly discuss everything with their architect and then make a schematic designing.

Home Automation

Quick access has become the need of modern day world and why not when we are living in a highly technological advanced world. Thus we bring to you world class automation services which will give you full control on all the technology of your house like music, movies, and temperature with just a simple click. Our properly arranged system make your home automation better and faster, so you get the best quality of audio, video, lighting, security, climate and easy third party control system with a simple button press. Our staff can transform your iphone or ipad into the remote control using which you can access each and everything even if you are at someplace far away from your home. We take the full guarantee of our system as they are developed, designed and engineered by our highly experience and professional staff only. Thus we assure you that you easily rely on them as all of these products are of superior quality.

Security and Monitoring

We bring to you a fully integrated and specialized security system which is easy to handle and tough to break. It uses only one interface and controls various things like your home theater, comfort and automation system like Camera and motion sensors. Our security systems are completely integrated security solution which caters to all your security needs of family. The specialty of our security system is the highly advanced camera system which can be viewed directly through your home television, computer or iphone. So you don't need to worry about your house security even if you are on a vacation or a business trip. The key features of our security system are:

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