With Control4 possibilities are virtually endless. With control4 system, you can make your home "smart home" by increasing security, comfort, communication and energy saving. Control4 is one of the biggest companies to complete today’s digital home requirements. Easy to use software and hardware products manufactured by Control4 makes everyday life easier by providing effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience, peace of mind and 100% satisfaction to homeowners. The complete control of automation technology that Control4 provides include home theater control, multi-room music/audio, video, smart lighting, temperature control (heating and cooling) and security and monitoring solution would be at your command. You can control your home through a range of in-home and over-the-web remote control technology.

As a Control4 dealer, Smart Integrators give you house or business the right speed to control certain tasks through touch keypads, smart phones, tablets and/or remotes. The sophisticated and wired and wireless consumer electronic appliances and other allied products that we offer are not just high in quality but also have superior functionality. With help of such technologically advanced system, we are able to tailor a complete solution for you to control lighting, audio, video, landscape and climate with a single easy-to-use design. These systems require just few hours to be installed. The nature of these systems is modular which give you privileges to start small and further add new system over time. So, make your home more livable according to your desire with help of Smart Integrators.

Benefits of automation:
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